DECKFIGHTERS is a unique fast paced elimination card game based on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Quick to learn and perfect for playing before the main event!

No doubt about it, we are definitely fight fanatics here at

PANDA HAWK GAMES; from Saturday Morning Kung Fu Theater with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to 25 years of watching the

 UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). 

While developing a tabletop card game that emulates an MMA experience and applies genuine fighting techniques with realistic "fight Logic", our goal was to create a game that was inclusive to a broad audience that includes game newbies, casual fight fans, hard core gamers and extreme fight junkies.

-Brigitte Narcise Partner/Owner K Dojo Warrior Tribe, Pro MMA Fighter

“So how cool is this? Now you can have a full-blown MMA throw-down anytime, anyplace!... minus the usual stitches from the living room coffee table, of course”





Card Game

Hand Management


Sports Combat 


Take That

High Replay


54 Cards

1 Rules Card / Active Fighter Card



  • 2-4 FIGHTERS, start with 20 HEALTH points
  • 5 cards per FIGHTER, remainder become draw pile
  • Strikes decrease HEALTH, Energy increases HEALTH
  • Left of dealer initiates combat with GRAPPLING, STRIKING, SPECIALTY, ENERGY or FINISH card, at choice of specific opponent(s)
  • Each individual card played must be challenged by opponent before next required card in sequence 
  • The round ends after all FIGHTERS engage with DEFENSE, SPECIALTY, ENERGY or STRIKING
  • All FIGHTERS draw new cards, back to 5 
  • The next FIGHTER initiates combat
  • Up to 3 cards may be traded in lieu of turn
  • Shuffle discarded pile when all draw cards are used
  • Fight ends by: DR. STOPPAGE, SUBMISSION,DECISION, K.‍‍‍O. or T.K.O. (loss of all HEALTH points)
  • When 3+  FIGHTERS are playing, individual FIGHTERS are eliminated by SUBMISSION, T.K.O. and K.O. until 1 FIGHTER remains, best out of 3 or 5 fights, wins 
  • Add a second deck or expansion pack for more FIGHTERS, techniques & abilities.



Feel free to modify and adjust the rules or subtract cards

  • "Keep It Standing"- for a real slugfest remove all TAKE DOWN  & SUBMISSION cards

  • "Full House"- for 5 or more FIGHTERS add a second pack of DECKFIGHTERS or an expansion pack.


  • Tally score w‍‍‍ith coins, small objects or tokens, pencil & paper or download an a app like
  •  Carbon MTG Utility

Alternative Score Keeping

  • "Raise the Stakes" - replace HEALTH with 20 $1 bills or a few of your favorite adult beverages


Trash Talk

Sports wouldn't be what they are with out a little colorful banter between athletes. Some of the greats have redefined their sport as well as the art of trash talk; Muhammad Ali, John McEnroe, Charles Barkley and Connor McGregor to name a few. DE‍‍‍CKFIGHTERS game play encourages the occasional "In your face", "not today sucka" and other friendly comments.


ADRENALINE: An adrenaline rush is one of the body's vital defense mechanisms. A stressful situation will trigger the release of the hormone adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, into the bloodstream. It sends extra oxygen to the lungs to aid a person to run away allowing a quick escape from danger, decreases the body's ability to feel pain, increases strength temporarily

and sharpens mental focus, 

ARMBAR: A lock in which the arm is straightened, hyperextending the elbow. In MMA, this is most often done by trapping the arm between the legs and extending the hips upward.

ART OF EIGHT LIMBS: Muay Thai is referred to as the "ART OF EIGHT LIMBS" or the 

"SCIENCE OF EIGHT LIMBS", because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using 8 "points of contact"

BACKFIST: often used to surprise an opponent after a martial artist has missed with a standard straight punch In Karate a BACKFIST strike is known as Uraken Uchi. 

BLOCK: is the act of stopping or deflecting an opponent's attack for the purpose of preventing injurious contact with the body. A block usually consists of placing a limb across the line of the attack.

BODY SLAM: When a fighter picks up his or her opponent and throws them to the ground.

CATCH WEIGHT: is a term used in combat sports such as Boxing or to describe a weight limits that does not adhere to the traditional limits for weight classes. 

COUNTER: is a punch that immediately follows an attack launched by an opponent. It exploits the opening created in an opponent's guard.

CROSS: In boxing (also commonly called a straight) is a punch usually thrown with the dominant hand the instant an opponent leads with his opposite hand. The blow crosses over the leading arm, hence its name. It is a power-punch like the UPPERCUT and HOOK.

DECISION: In combat sports a DECISION is a result of the fight or bout that does not end in a K.O.,T.K.O. or SUBMISSION, in which the judges' scorecards are consulted to determine the winner.

DIRTY BOXING: This is in-close boxing from a clinched position. In traditional boxing, athletes would be separated from this position, but in MMA, they are allowed to fight from the clinch.

DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN: Similar to a tackle, an athlete lowers his or her head and hooks both legs with their arms and applies pressure to the defender’s body, driving the opponent to the ground.

DR STOPPAGE: the referee will call for a time out if a fighter's ability to continue is in question as a result of apparent injuries, such as a large cut. The ring doctor will inspect the fighter and stop the match if the fighter is deemed unable to continue safely, rendering the opponent the winner. However, if the match is stopped as a result of an injury from illegal actions by the opponent, either a disqualification or no contest will be issued instead.

ELBOW: is a STRIKE with the point of the elbow, the part of the forearm nearest to the elbow, or the part of the upper arm nearest to the elbow. ELBOWs can be thrown sideways similarly to a HOOK, upwards similarly to an UPPERCUT, downwards with the point of the elbow, diagonally or in direct movement and in several other ways like during a jump

ESCAPE: When a fighter escapes from a submission or choke hold.

FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE: The deadliest blow in all of martial arts, consists of a series of powerful jabs from the finger tips into 5 different pressure points on the victims body. Once finished, the victim is then allowed to walk away. However once they take 5 steps, their heart literally explodes inside their body, killing them instantly

FLYING KNEE: A jumping knee strike designed to penetrate the opponent’s defense.

GROUND CONTROL:  refers to the dominant positioning and holds of a fighters engaged in grappling. .

GROUND N POUND: This is a strategy first employed by wrestlers with limited submission skills. It consists of taking an athlete to the ground, placing them in an inferior position and striking until the opponent is knocked out, taps out, or until the match is stopped.

GUILLOTINE: A choke applied in a reverse headlock position where the forearm is used in an upward manner to apply pressure to the fighter's neck.

HAMMER FIST:  is a strike with the bottom of a clenched fist, using an action like swinging a hammer.

HEADBUTT: an aggressive and forceful thrust with the top of the head into the face or body of another person.

HEALTH: a state of complete physical, mental and social well being.

HEAVY BAG: is a larger, cylindrical bag, usually suspended by chains or ropes and used for practicing powerful body punches, and can be used to toughen hands or any other limb used to hit the bag.

HIP TOSS: is a grappling technique that involves off-balancing or lifting an opponent, and throwing them to the ground, using the thrower's hip as a pivot point, by placing the hip in a lower position than an opponent's center of gravity. 

HOOK: A punch with the arm bent that is thrown across the body to strike the opponent from the side.

H-BOMB / OVERHAND: A powerful and effective haymaker-style.

JAB: A a short straight lead-hand strike used to stun.

KIMURA: An arm-lock position in which the arm is bent behind the athlete leading to an arm break or a shoulder dislocation if the athlete doesn’t tap out. It is named after Japanese athlete, Masahiko Kimura.

KNEE:  involves thrusting the front of the knee into the head or body of an opponent. The straight knee can be applied from a stand-up position both when the combatants are separated, or when they are clinching.

K.O.: When an athlete is knocked unconscious due to strikes or other impact.

LEG SWEEP: When a fighter has one foot off the ground (usually in mid-kick) and the defender moves past this kick and sweeps out the standing leg.


MMA: An abbreviation for mixed martial arts, a combat sport in which athletes from different martial arts disciplines compete, including, but not limited to: Western Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Shoot Fighting, Judo, Muay Thai Boxing, Western Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, Russian Sambo, Capoeira.

MUAY THAI CLINCH: A clinch position taken from Muay Thai boxing where an athlete will grab his or her opponent behind the head with both hands, using his or her elbows to create distance and apply knee strikes to their opponent.

NERV PINCH: a technique used to render unconsciousness by pinching a pressure point at the base of the victim's neck.

REAR-NAKED CHOKE: A choke applied behind an opponent upon capturing his or her back. A rear-naked choke is one of the most advantageous types of chokes as far as positioning.

punch that swings up and over.

REVERSAL: When a fighter moves from an inferior position into a superior position.

SINGLE LEG TAKEDOWN: Similar to a double-leg takedown, except only one leg is hooked.

SPINNING BACK ELBOW: In Thai, Sok klap, is an exotic technique that  comes at a surprise due to unconventional angles, usually the last strike in a combo

SUBMISSION: When an athlete taps out or verbally concedes the match due to pain, to avoid injury, to avoid being choked out or due to a desire to end the match.

SUPER-PUNCH: An overhead punch in which the athlete leaps at his or her opponent in an attempt to avoid his or her defense.

T.K.O.: Abbreviation for technical knockout, when a fighter is unable to continue due to injury or unable to intelligently defend against strikes.

UPPERCUT: A bent-arm punch where the punch is thrown straight up.