-Brigitte Narcise Partner/Owner K Dojo Warrior Tribe, Pro MMA Fighter

“So how cool is this? Now you can have a full-blown MMA throw-down anytime, anyplace!... minus the usual stitches from the living room coffee table, of course”




The only fast paced elimination card game based on Mixed Martial Arts. Quick to learn and perfect for playing before the main event!

Inspired by hectic mêlée games from the early 90's, DECKFIGHTERS MIXED MARTIAL ARTS CARD GAME was built ground up to ensure equal levels of user experience, player engagement and a fast learning curve. 

No doubt about it, we are definitely fight fanatics here at PANDA HAWK GAMES; from Saturday Morning Kung Fu Theater with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to 25 years of watching the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). 

Despite developing a tabletop card game that emulates an MMA (mixed martial arts) experience that applies genuine fighting techniques and realistic"fight Logic", our goal was to create a game that was inclusive to a broad audience that includes the novice game newbies, casual fight fans, hard core gamers and extreme fight junkies.


Rules of the Fight

  • 2-4 fighters, start with 20 health points
  • 5 cards per fighter, remainder become draw pile
  • Strikes decrease Health, Energy increases Health
  • Left of dealer initiates combat with:GRAPPLING, STRIKING, SPECIALTY, ENERGY or FINISH card, at choice of specific opponent(s)
  • Each individual card played must be challenged by opponent before next required card in sequence 
  • The round ends after all fighters engage with DEFENSE, SPECIALTY, ENERGY or STRIKING
  • All fighters draw new cards, back to 5 
  • The next fighter initiates combat
  • Up to 3 cards may be traded in lieu of turn
  • Shuffle discarded pile when all draw cards are used
  • Fight ends by: DR. STOPPAGE, SUBMISSION,DECISION, K.‍‍‍O. or T.K.O. (loss of all health points)
  • When 3+  fighters are playing, individual fighters are eliminated by SUBMISSION, T.K.O. and K.O. until 1 fighter remains, best out of 3 or 5 fights, wins 
  • Add a second deck or expansion pack for more fighters, techniques & abilities.

Alternate Rules

  • Feel free to modify and adjust the rules or subtract cards
  • "Keep It Standing"- for a real slugfest remove all Take Do‍‍‍wn & Submission cards
  • "Full House"- for 5 or more Fighters add a second pack of DECKFIGHTERS or an expansion pack.

Score Keeping

  • Tally score w‍‍‍ith coins, small objects or tokens, pencil & paper or download an a app like Scorekeeper

Alternative Score Keeping

  • "Raise the Stakes" - replace‍‍‍ Health with 20 $1 bills or a few of your favorite adult beverages

Trash Talk

Sports wouldn't be what they are with out a little colorful banter between athletes. Some of the greats have redefined their sport as well as the art of trash talk; Muhammad Ali, John McEnroe, Charles Barkley and Connor McGregor to name a few. DE‍‍‍CKFIGHTERS game play encourages the occasional "In your face", "not today sucka" and other friendly comments.

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54 Cards

1 Rules Card

1 Active Fighter Card

JorDan Clauberg- PLETATEST.com

"DECKFIGHTERS truly gives you the exhilaration of a real MMA bout minus the concussions and bloody knuckles."

"In my first experience with DECKFIGHTERS I can honestly say there were butterflies as all the possibilities became reality and once i had my cards in hand i hunkered down and made a plan

But like Mike Tyson famously said "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.""




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